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Licensing and Disclosure Information

homegenius Real Estate Licensing Disclosures

Real estate services are provided by homegenius Real Estate LLC  and homegenius Real Estate Inc. (collectively dba homegenius Real Estate), each a subsidiary of homegenius Inc., 7730 South Union Park Avenue, Suite 400, Midvale, UT 84047. Tel: 877.500.1415. homegenius Real Estate LLC is licensed in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Its wholly owned subsidiary, homegenius Real Estate Inc. dba homegenius Real Estate, is licensed in California. For detailed licensing information, click here.


Title Disclosures

titlegenius is provided by Radian Settlement Services Inc. (“RSS”), a title services provider and wholly owned subsidiary of Radian Group Inc. Title services may also be provided by RSS affiliates, Radian Title Insurance Inc., Radian Title Agency of Texas LLC and Radian Escrow Services LLC in those states where RSS is not licensed (collectively, “Radian”). Title insurance is provided and underwritten by Radian Title Insurance Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Radian Group Inc.

Radian Settlement Services Inc., 1000 GSK Drive, Suite 210, Coraopolis, PA 15108, FL – Florida Non-Resident Title Agency #A271379. OH- Non-Resident Title Agency #1222309. (not licensed in AL, AK, AR, CA, CT, HI, MA, NM, SD, UT, VT, WY; licensing not required in IL, KY, RI, WI)

Radian Title Insurance Inc., 6100 Oak Tree Blvd, Suite 200, Independence, OH 44131; Tel: 800.362.2305, NAIC#: 51632, CA- License# 5093-0. FL – Title insurance license #51632 (not licensed in AK, HI, ID, IA, ME, NH, NJ, VT and WY). Title insurance may also be underwritten by non-affiliated third party title insurance companies such as First American Title Insurance Company, Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, WFG National Title Insurance Company and Fidelity National Title Insurance Company in those states where Radian is not licensed. 

For more information on our underwriters, click here.


Radian Settlement Services Inc. Licensing Information


State License Type Lic/Reg #
Arizona Non-Resident Title Agent 1800016008
Colorado Non-Resident Agency 180068
Delaware Limited Lines Producer-Title 158859
DC Title Producer 2890998
Florida Non-Resident Title Agency A271379
Georgia Principal Agency-Title 200574
Idaho Escrow Agency License 1149
Indiana Non-Resident Producer Firm 269164N
Iowa Closing Agent License CA-2021-0050
Kansas Non-Resident Title Agency 251781079-000
Louisiana Producer Agency 309619
Maine Non-Resident Producer Agency AGN48441
Maryland Title Insurance Producer 100581
Michigan Non-Resident Producer 0015854
Minnesota Non-Resident Agency 20095664
Mississippi Ltd Lines Ins Producer Entity 15018270
Missouri Business Entity Producer 8004003
Montana Title Insurance Producer 3000310096
Nebraska Agency-Regular 0100174464
Nevada Non-Resident Title Agency License 3619311
New Hampshire Insurance Producer 0394593
New Jersey Designated Responsible Licensed Producer 9619065
New York Title Insurance Agent 1453566
North Carolina Corporation 1000008094
North Dakota Title Insurance Producer 3000038332
Ohio Business Entity - Non-Resident Title 1222309
Oklahoma Title 100277052
Oregon Escrow Agency License 201236606
Pennsylvania Resident Title Agency 58474
South Carolina Corporation 107691
Tennessee Title Agency 2001008
Texas Agency License 2195542
Virginia Producer 104348
Washington Non-Resident Title License 1074370
West Virginia Business Entity 0100110231

Radian Title Insurance Inc. Licensing Information


State License Type Lic/Reg #
Alabama Title 51632
Arizona Title Insurer 34-1252928
Arkansas Title Insurance 51632
California Title 5093-0
Colorado Title Insurance 51632
Connecticut Title Insurance 34-1252928
Delaware Title Insurance 34-1252928
DC Title Insurance 10002333
Florida Title Insurance 34-1252928
Georgia Title Insurance 2007127
Illinois Title Underwriter TU.0000039
Indiana Title Insurance 51632
Kansas Title 51632
Kentucky Title Insurance 667385
Louisiana Title Insurance 51632


Title Insurance 51632
Massachusetts Title Insurance 51632
Michigan Title Insurance 51632
Minnesota Title 51632
Mississippi Title Insurance 0700013
Missouri Title Insurance 421270
Montana Title Insurer 51632
Nebraska Title Insurance 151830
Nevada Title Insurance 102041
New Mexico Casualty (Title Only) 51632
New York Title Insurance 51632
North Carolina Title Insurance 103852
North Dakota Casualty 51632
Ohio Title Insurance 51632
Oklahoma Title Insurance 44197637
Oregon Title Insurance 3339
Pennsylvania Title Insurance 51632
Rhode Island Title Insurance 51632
South Carolina Title 170131
South Dakota Title Insurance 51632
Tennessee Title Insurance 51632
Texas Title Agent 1877129
Texas Title Insurance 96240
Utah Title Insurance 51632
Virginia Title 51632
Washington Title 500214
West Virginia Title 54219822
Wisconsin Title Insurance 51632