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    Homegenius Real Estate gives you more information, more value, and more opportunities than ever before. And we’re doing it by combining the power of advanced technology with the stability of long-term relationships and experience.
    2. Industry-leading data and technology
    3. Trusted relationships and experience
    4. Speed and accuracy at every step

    Residential Property Valuations

    Homegenius Real Estate offers a full spectrum of valuation solutions — including BPOs, AVMs, interactive values, hybrid appraisals, and rental analyses. And we’re one of the select few providers approved by Fitch Ratings for new residential mortgage-backed security (RMBS) securitizations.

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    Home Price Index (HPI)

    The groundbreaking homegenius Home Price Index (HPI) brings you insights weeks — even months — ahead of other market indices. Our comprehensive index is based on the entire U.S. housing stock. And it’s powered by advanced AI and machine learning.

    1. The future of asset management has arrived
    2. Asset Management

      Manage risk and maximize opportunities with our leading-edge software, innovative processes, and on-the-ground experience as one of the nation’s longest-standing asset management providers.
    3. Real Estate Owned (REO)

      With more than 250,000 properties sold and a nationwide network of trusted professionals, you can count on homegenius Real Estate. Our pioneering technology streamlines workflows and provides robust, transparent reports. Making everything less confusing and more efficient.
    4. Pyramid Platform

      Pyramid Platform manages and organizes every step of the asset management process. And it does so simply and intuitively — with drag-and-drop uploading, automatic document labeling, expense tracking, data mapping, and more.

    Title & Settlement Services

    Through Radian Title Insurance Inc. and Radian Settlement Services Inc., you can experience title and settlement services that are faster, simpler, and more transparent than ever before. Technology lays the foundation. And relationships ensure your success. Our dedicated professionals and intuitive tools will help you take care of everything before you get to the closing table, so you and your clients can close with confidence. From fully-insured products to uninsured searches and home equity loan solutions, it’s all customizable to meet your needs.

    Title Solutions

    Radian has a wide range of title solutions, from fully-insured products to uninsured searches and home equity loan solutions. And they’re all customizable to meet your needs.
    • Purchase
    • Refinance
    • Real Estate Owned (REO) Properties
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    Connect homebuyers with agents

    Connect your clients with qualified agents in their desired areas through homegenius connect. Homebuyers get to choose from vetted pros who meet our eligibility requirements for performance and service. And you get to stay updated on the transaction, because our concierge team keeps you informed of all major milestones along the way.*

    *Subject to consumer’s consent to share transactional information with third parties, including mortgage loan providers.

  • Valuations
  • Asset Management
  • Pyramid Platform
  • Title and Settlement Services
  • homegenius connect
  • Home Price Index (HPI)
  • Broker Price Opinions (BPO)
    Asset Management
    Pyramid Platform
    Title and Settlement Services
    homegenius connect
    Home Price Index (HPI)
    Broker Price Opinions (BPO)
    Increase speed and accuracy with automated valuations and analyses.

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