Elevate your profile. Earn more business. It's that easy.

    Homegenius connect matches high-intent buyers and sellers with high-performing real estate pros like you.

    We’ve reimagined the real estate lead network

    Homegenius connect is a lead network like none other. Because it actually aligns with your interests. We connect you with high-intent homebuyers and sellers. They’re ready to meet the right professional to guide them through their journey. And our technology helps match them with local experts like you. 

    Our concierge team will work with you throughout the process to ensure a smooth, efficient closing. So you can close more deals. Keep your clients happy. And keep business coming in.

    For other questions about our program and how to qualify, take a look at our FAQs

    2. Increase your visibility
    3. Match with high-intent leads
    4. Only pay at closing

    Grow your visibility

    With connect, your profile will be seen by a large number of motivated buyers and sellers. So you can grow your visibility without lifting a finger.

    No risk, all reward

    There's absolutely no upfront cost to you. You get high-intent leads without paying any fee to join. Simply pay a fee once you close the deal.

    Time is on your side

    With homegenius connect, the prospects come directly to you. So you can put your time in to other areas of your business
    1. Elevate your business with connect
    2. Partners who share your values

      We have deep, long-standing relationships with over 1,200 lenders. These are trustworthy companies that want the same things as you: to close deals and do right by people.
    3. Leads for your agents

      Connect helps brokers attract and retain top talent by bringing them qualified leads they can't get anywhere else. Making you the leader with the inside track.
    4. Join connect. Get in front of more people. Close more deals.

    Connecting with homebuyers and sellers is just the beginning.

    We have a full suite of transformative products to help you manage your entire pipeline. 
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